4un2us a child is born

I have grown up listening to and loving the music from Handel’s Messiah. There have been two fantastic modern interpretations of this song (before ours, that is!)  - one from a record I had as a teenager called ‘the young messiah’ and the other from one of my favourite albums called ‘ the soulful messiah’. I found these recordings wonderful in re-invigorating the music. Handel apparently said that his music should be interpreted in the style of music of the day.

When starting to think of a title song for our up and coming 2002 schools music project, the words from Isaiah as used by Handel kept coming to mind. In addition the 4 and 2 allowed us to use a bit of a phone texting based image for the project.

The first four notes of the chorus honour Handel’s melody as does the bridge.
The rest is my own gospel-style creation, which the youngsters have loved singing.

Below are the lyrics to '4un2us a child is born'

For unto us a child is born Unto us a son is given
And he will reign for evermore
For now a light is shining clear To lift the shadows of our fear
Justice and righteousness endure

A King born in a manger Little baby boy
A hope for all the nations Gift of love and joy
We come to worship Jesus Hail him as our King
We welcome Him our Saviour Lift our voice and sing

Wonderful, Counsellor
The mighty God The everlasting father The prince of peace
Prince of peace (x4)

last chorus tag:
And he will reign forever more
Jesus shall reign forever more

Andrew & Wendy Rayner © 2001 Wendy House Music

A & W Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2001

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