All around the world

'All around the world' was one of the possible working titles of the schools music project we did last year. I had the concept of focussing on that fact that all over the world, in many different ways and through many different traditions, people are celebrating Christmas.

This song was written as the obligatory rockíníroll song for the album (we always have to have one!) but took on more of a James Brown style 60ís soul feel when we started recording the rhythm section for the album.

below are the lyrics to 'all around the world'

All around the world There's a celebration
Christ the King has come
All around the world There is jubilation
Good news for everyone
So letís join with all creation To sing his praise

From North and South, from East and West, All corners of the earth
Old and Young, every tongue, Celebrate the birth
ĎCause itís Christmas time, And Jesus is the King

From mountain high to valley low, The earth resounds in joy
From every street of every town, From every girl and boy
'Cause it's Christmas time, And Jesus is the King

A & W Rayner
© 2005 Wendy House Music

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