This is on of the songs we wrote for the large scale Schools Christmas project in 2012
In case you haven't gathered from the wealth of Christmas songs here, I love Christmas!
I wanted this song to be a real fun celebration of Christmas that is easy to sing
In my mind I had a kind of S-club retro poppy style in mind
Musically, I enjoy the cross modulations - they feel quite natural
All of the children that have sung it so far have really got into this song - and very quickly!
The linked youtube video for this shows just how much the children enjoyed it
I hope you do too!

All around the world its Christmas time
Everywhere resounds with joyful singing
People join together from afar
Every land and every tongue rejoicing

Celebrate, everybody
Welcome him, theking of glory
Hope is here, the saving one
Love has come for us
Dance and sing, come adore him
Shout for joy, bow before him
Tell the world of all heís done
Love has come for us

Raise a prayer of praise this Christmas time
Saying thank you for the gift of Jesus
A perfect life of love and sacrifice
Born to die and raised to life to save us

Celebrate, everybody
Celebrate, everybody

Andrew, Josh & Wendy Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2012
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Andrew & Wendy Rayner
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