Change the world

This was also written for the large scale Schools Christmas project in 2012
As we were supporting Tearfund through these projects, I wanted to have a couple of non Christmas songs on the album that touch on the topics of injustice and poverty in the world - always a challenge to do for a Children's song!
I decided to make it a very positive and anthemic song - and by the children's reactions, it worked!
When I had finished the main parts of the song, Josh added all the whaooo sections and the bridge - and gave it a whole extra dimension!
Another real favourite with the children


We are all God’s family
We are called to love, we are called to care
Reaching out to those in need
We will bring new hope, your hope

We want to change the world we live in
We want to make a better place for everyone
We’re gonna dance upon injustice
We’re gonna change the world whaooo

We are given all we need
We are called to give, we are called to share
A voice for those who cannot speak
We will tell the truth, your truth

With a generous heart and a love to show
We will go, we will go
With a passion for compassion let is overflow
We will go, we will go
With a voice that will SHOUT and a message of hope
We will go, we will go
With a commission for a mission that will change the world
We will go,

Andrew Rayner & Josh Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2011
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