Christmas prayer

This is another one of the songs we wrote for the large scale Schools Christmas project in 2012
This song was written as the end of the show song, with a feel of nostalgia!
In the writing process I went between 4/4 and 6/8 time
I like the way the notes in the verse melody track in 2 different keys
The tag was added after the main body of the song was written and I feel really lifts it at the end
Each of the 10 concerts we first used this song at had around 250 children waving their LED finger lights as they sang this
It was a great emotional song to end to the event every evening!


Church bells are ringing, carollers singing
Snow is beginning to fall (all around)
Itís time for reflection, anticipation
Everyone waiting for one day

Our prayer for you this Christmas time
Is for love and peace and joy and laughter
May the Lord of all the earth
Bring you faith and hope from Heavenís eternal throne

In your tomorrows, the joys and the sorrows
Look up and follow the Light (of the world)
Trust him to guide you, let his love shine through
As you move into the new year

Christmas blessings, may you know God near
Christmas blessings, for the coming year

Andrew, Josh & Wendy Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2012
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Administered by Song Solutions Copycare

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
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