Christmas is here

In 2008, we ran our biggest-yet schools Christmas music project in east Suffolk, called 'One Christmas'.
We had 1800 children singing on a CD and music DVD (check out

I had been thinking about writing a nice Christmas song - a kind of 'White Christmas' with a bit of meaning,
that would be suitable as a 'last song of the Christmas concert'

The song has a light jazz feel

below are the lyrics for 'Christmas is here'

Christmas is here, Another year ending
Candles are burning and fires a-light
Carols are sung, Presents are given
Remembering tales of that first holy night 

Godís blessing this Christmas
To you and your loved ones
May you know peace and joy that He brings
Look on to the new year
And all it will offer
For our hopes and our longings and dreams 

Hear sleigh bells ring, Listen to singing
Proclaiming the wondrous gift come to earth
Family and friends, gather together
For this is the season of our Saviourís birth

Andrew Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2007

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