Christmas train

In 2008, we ran our biggest-yet schools Christmas music project in east Suffolk, called 'One Christmas'.
We had 1800 children singing on a CD and music DVD (check out
I wrote this song having evolved a train based theme for the project
- thinking about the journey of our lives and also a journey through time, from creation onwards.
This song is a great fun rock/disco number that all the youngsters loved singing.
The dancers also got a great dance going for this, which we filmed on Ipswich station platforms on Sunday afternoon (much to the amusement of everyone around)

below are the lyrics for 'Christmas Train'

Roll up everybody for the Christmas train is coming
Get you ticket now for thereís room for all on board
Time to change the points for a brand new destination
Journey on the main line with Jesus Christ the Lord

Lord of heaven comes among us
Signals down a change of line
New direction, Hope for ever
Godís best gift to all mankind

God is with us, come and worship
Journey with the Lord of all
Hear the whistle, through the ages
Listen to the driverís call

Andrew Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2008

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