Come and worship

This song very nearly never made it to completion! I had had the main melodic/harmonic riff kicking around on my demo minidisk for several years but not managed to use it.

When a friend of ours Lisa came into the studio after our church worship team vocal rehearsal one evening I played my idea and being a soul music ‘chick (!) ’ encouraged me to finish it and use it. It really came into its own when Carl and Troy came round to record the rhythm section for the album and hit a great groove with some cool bass licks.

It was the last song that was written for the heaven2earth schools project, and features solo verses and bridge, with the children joining in the chorus. It could easily  be a pure solo song.

below are the lyrics to 'Come and worship'

Come and worship Christ the King, Lift your voice and let your praises ring
Come and worship Christ the Lord, Now and ever he will be adored

Wondrous story, of a baby born, King of glory, Jesus Christ the Lord
In a manger, after journey far, Night of splendour, with proclaiming star
Choirs of angels sing for joy to welcome him, Glory be to God who reigns on high

God so loved us, that he sent his son, Hope eternal, born for everyone
He is longing, for us to hear his call, Lift our voices, he is Lord of all
Down through all the ages people welcome him, Glory be to God who reigns on high

Hark, hear the herald angels sing, Bringing praise and glory to the new born king
Join with the angels to proclaim, Christ the babe is born in Bethlehem

A & W Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2005

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