Fly away

In 2013, a milestone moment in our lives arrived - our eldest son Josh got married - to an amazing girl Nikki that he had been dating for 6 years
Although I knew he didn't want a big fuss made, we really wanted to do something to mark the moment - and we write songs......
Writing this song was a way to share some of the emotion of their marriage from our perspective as parents - if you look at the lyrics below hopefully you will see what I mean!
For the wedding reception, we managed to put together video of of both Josh & Nikki growing up, to accompany the song - needless to say an emotional moment!

Below are the lyrics to 'Fly away'

You have been loved
Every moment since before you were born
All your life thatís made you who you are today
Now you can go
Take the love youíve known to build your own home
And discover all the future holds for you

So spread your wings and fly away
And together reach for dreams and hopes to share
As your journey starts you can be sure
In this love you are complete

Now and always
Through the highs and lows youíve promised to stay
Sharing everything you find along lifeís path
Love without end
Living every moment with your best friend
Go discover all the future holds for you

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2013
Administered by Song Solutions Copycare

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