From the dawn of time

This is one of those songs that has taken an age to complete! The basic format of the chorus I have had kicking around for 2 years, albeit with slight variations to both lyric and final melody & chord progression. The premise is very simple – worshipping God, the timeless one, the creator of the whole universe.
I have been striving to create verses which capture God the creator – present at the beginning and end of time as well as the beginning and end of our each of our lives. Psalm 139 is a continual inspiration to me - God knowing each of us intimately. Holding this in balance with the fact He is the creator of the whole universe is an awesome concept!.

I have also ever since my youth loved the song written by Judy MacKenzie and Dave Cooke called ‘better then I know myself’ which tells of God knowing each of us intimately, which has inspired my thoughts. One of two people have also spotted a hint of inspiration from Abba in the melody/harmony of the chorus, which might be a subconscious tribute on my part!

Below are the lyrics to 'From the dawn of time'

From the dawn of time, when your voice called out, Giving all creation birth
Making day and night, naming every star, Breathing life upon the earth
The rocks and hills have praised your name, All nature sings with joy

Creator of the universe we worship you
Maker of all heaven and Earth, We give you glory
Alpha and Omega,, The beginning and end
Forever you shall reign

From our new born cry, to our dying breath, All our days are known to you
Every hope and fear, every laugh and cry, You are here our whole life through
You chose and know each one of us, And call us all by name

At the end of time, when your voice cries out, Calling those who own your name
Every knee will bow, every tongue confess, Every nation will proclaim
That You are Lord of heaven and earth, The king above all kings

Andrew Rayner
© 2006 Wendy House Music

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