Glory be to the Father

I have been aware that there are relatively few songs around that really focus on the Trinity - Father, Son & Holy Spirit
When thinking a few weeks ago about our up and coming Trinity Sunday service, I decided to write an up tempo song that covers this
The Chorus is a simple doxology, inspired by an old hymn
The verse attempts to list some of the key characteristics of each part of the Trinity in turn

Below are the lyrics to 'Glory be to the Father'

Glory be to the Father
Glory be to the Son
Glory be to the Spirit Three in one

Father, king of heaven
True God, our strength and refuge
Faithful, Eternal sovereign Lord

Jesus, loving Saviour
Godís Son, our friend and healer
Righteous, beginning and the end

Holy Spirit, breath of heaven
Comforter and guide
Teacher, helper, truth and wisdom
Ever present fire

Andrew Rayner
© 2009 Wendy House Music

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