Have mercy on me O lord

This song was born out of wanting a sung alternative to some of the confessional spoken liturgy of confession. Our minister will quite often revert to reading bible passages directly as an alternative to standard common worship structures (which are obviously themselves very biblical passage based). One that has been used several times is Psalm 51.
The lyrics are very much straight from the Psalm, with the music in a minor key giving an appropriate feel. The chorus section lifts as the lyrics cry out to God.

Below are the lyrics to 'Have mercy'

Have mercy on me O Lord In Your unfailing Love
Wash me and cleanse me from my sin
For I know that I have failed, And done wrong in your sight
You desire the truth within my heart

Cleanse me and I shall be clean, Wash me and I will be new
Forgive me and my soul will rejoice
Create in me a pure heart, Keep me in Your presence
Renew Your Holy Spirit within me

Andrew & Wendy Rayner 2003 Wendy House Music

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