Heaven to earth

In 2005, we organised our biggest-yet schools Christmas music project in east Suffolk, called heaven2earth. We had some 1300 children singing on a CD and music DVD (check out heaven2earth.org.uk). This song is the title song of the project, which wanted to have a Christmas feel but speak about the real meaning – God coming from heaven to earth for us. We had an intensive Christmas song-writing 2 months in the January and February of 2005 (just when Christmas should be all out the way!). I kept all the Christmas CDs out and played them continually, to keep in the mood! I remember listening to Chris Rhea ‘driving home for Christmas’ and loving the mid-tempo jingly-jangly feel, and thought that would be a good style to aim for – and the outcome was ‘heaven to earth’. I enjoy the way the cross modulation (up from G to Bb) for the last part of the verse and then the chorus gives is a real lift.

below are the lyrics for 'heaven2earth'

In the darkest days of winter, We remember Jesus birth
Come to bring us hope and freedom, Born to bring us peace on earth
God enters the world a baby, Sent for you and me

Heaven to earth, Love has broken through our darkness
Immanuel, Christ the king has come among us
Heaven to Earth, God is with us now

In a manger, small and lowly, Jesus Christ the Lord was born
Set aside his kingly splendour, For a world that lies forlorn
Knowing he would live with purpose, And die to set us free

Immanuel, Immanuel
Immanuel, God is with us now

Andrew Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2005

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