Heaven resounds

Heaven resounds started as a lyric-less dance track in my mindís music (which I embarrassingly sing into my mobile phones voice recorder wherever I happen to be at the time!). Once I started playing it on the piano became much more of a latin feel chorus.

After having this in my mind for a few weeks, I started evolving the lyric hook for the chorus. As I did this I went through Revelation and looked up all the doxologies (a posh word for short hymn of praise to God !) quoted. The verse is a description of how and why we are worshipping God, and the chorus is a song of worship, using many of the words from the various passages in Revelation.

Below are the lyrics to 'heaven resounds'

Heaven resounds with songs of worship, Glory to God, Eternal King
Nations will come and give you glory, Mighty one
No other name deserves our worship, You are acclaimed as Lord of all
Sovereign, Majestic God, Righteous and true

We cry Holy, Lord God Almighty Youíre Holy
Worthy of all of our honour, Worthy of all of our praise
We give You glory, For ever and ever all glory
Joining all heaven in endless praise, We will bow down at your throne
We worship you

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2006

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