I take you

In the summer of 2007 (last year as I write) our 20th Wedding anniversary was approaching
I was trying to think what to do for Wendy, and decided to write her a song (the last one I wrote for her before we were married !)
Chicago ballads have been some of my favourite ever songs, so I decided to write on in that style

Below are the lyrics to 'I take you'


I take you, my love
To be mine forever
In good times and bad
We will be together
Everything I am is yours, all that I possess
Sharing all our future hope and dreams
I will love you, will cherish you, always
Now and from this moment, ‘till the end of our days
Every heartbeat I live for you only
For ever, For ever
Happy ever after we will stay
Knowing that you love me makes my life complete
Knowing that you’re here with me each day
In happiness and sadness we can share the highs and lows
For better and for worse we will stay

Andrew  Rayner
© Wendy House Music

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