I want to be holy

This song is another one that is very much Wendy’s ‘baby’. By the time I saw & heard it, Wendy had a complete lyric and a significant part of the verse melody in place. This is one of the most ‘up tempo’ songs we have written. It talks about a desire to be holy and the refrain calls for God to ‘send the fire’

This song is published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd

Below are the lyrics to 'I want to be holy'

I want to be holy and live my life for you
In all that I say and all that I do, Lord make me holy
I want to be holy, but things get in the way
The cry of my heart is “set me apart”, Lord make me holy

So send the fire, Come and burn up all my sin
Breathe through me now, And stir the passion deep within
The world’s richest treasures, Are the voices that call
Their beauty and pleasures
I’ll give them all, I’ll give them all, To be holy

I want to be holy and live what I believe
The things that I do be only for You, Lord make me holy
I want to be holy your touch upon my life
I’m down on my knees and asking You please, Lord make me holy

Wendy and Andrew Rayner 2001
© Copyright Kevin Mayhew Ltd