King of our life story

In the autumn of 2013 I was approached to write a 'modern hymn' for the St Edmundsbury Diocese centenary celebrations in 2014

The theme of the celebrations in 'Pilgrims in time' - and I was looking to focus on God's faithfulness to us individually through our lives and also to the people of Suffolk over the last 100 years!

The song has been around 4 months in the writing - it started in 4 time and ended up in 3 - and both the melody and lyrics have been through many iterations
We have aimed to write a song that can be used in a traditional choral setting through to a full contemporary worship band line-up
As such we have produced 3 demos  - an acapella SATB choral version, a solo vocal version and a full band version

below are the lyrics to 'King of our life story'

King of our life story, Friend, steadfast and sure
God is with us yesterday, today, forevermore
Lord of our salvation, Walking by our side
All sufficient, all sustaining, Faithful friend and guide

Love that knows no ending, Truth to hold unchanging
Strength for every season, Grace when we fall
Light for ever shining, Hope in us abiding
Faith and full assurance, Peace over all

God of all our journey, With each step we take
Be our way, our truth and our life, In every choice we make
Author of creation, We will follow you
Steer our path and be our vision, All our lifetime through

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
Wendy House Music 2014
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