Lets go bananas

This song was written just after lunch one Sunday (whilst still at the dinner table!) for a Scripture Union holiday club that was being held in one of the other churches in Felixstowe. It was never intended to be lyrically profound (nor is it!) but to capture the essence of fun and hopefully have the children going away singing some positive (if not slightly annoying) stuff! The best bit for me is the actions (which we didnít write and are  difficult to display in text) which includes a wiggle for the first and third lines of the chorus !

below are the lyrics to 'lets go bananas'

Letís go bananas for Jesus, Come and join in with our fun
Weíre all bananas for Jesus, ĎCause he loves everyone

His love is ever so a-pealing, Weíll give our all to Him
He offers life thatís exciting, So letís all jump out of our skins

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© 1997 Wendy House Music

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