Let us rejoice

I wrote this song for our 2008 Christmas project, but it never made it to the final recording process,
solely because it didn't fit the theme we have evolved for the project.

It is a Calypso Christmas song with (IMHO) some nice melodic patterns
We finished writing it on the beach in August in South Wales on holiday in Summer 2007 !

below are the lyrics for 'Let us rejoice'

Let us rejoice
For the Lord of creation
Has come down upon the earth for all mankind
Angels proclaim
As they sing out is adoration
Glory to God who reigns on high

Celebrate the Lord has come
Jesus Christ Godís only son
Born into our world to bring us joy
Come, adore and worship him
All your gift of homage bring
Praise the new born king this baby boy

God loved the world
So he sent down the king of heaven
Born in a stable, love divine
Shepherds and kings
Knelt before him in adoration
Glory to God who reigns on high

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2007
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