Lord I come to You

There are relatively few responsive songs that involve the opportunity to a recommitment of our lives to God.
This song attempts to do just this and at the same time within the verses offers a confession and resolve.
One thing I like about this song musically is the lift into the chorus given by the key change.

This song is published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd

Below are the lyrics to 'Lord I come to You'

Lord I come to You
I come to bow before The one whom I adore
All that I am, All that I hope to be is Yours

Take my life, O God my King
Let it be for You alone
Take my all, My everything
I give it Lord to You

Lord I know I fail To always walk Your way
To follow come what may
All that I do, All that my future holds is Yours

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
Kevin Mayhew Ltd

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