O come Immanuel

In 2008, we ran our biggest-yet schools Christmas music project in east Suffolk, called 'One Christmas'.
We had 1800 children singing on a CD and music DVD (check out onechristmas.org.uk).

As part of the theme for this project I wanted to create songs that could be used to briefly give some essence of the history of our faith - as per the bible readings used in the traditional 'nine lessons and carols'. Having written one to cover creation (see 'the world that God had given us') I wanted one to look to the coming of Jesus. As a base I took the first line of 'O come O come Immmanuel', some lyrics from a Wesley carol 'Come O long expected Jesus' and wrote some music and extra parts to build up a four simultaneous parts for the children to sing.
I then wrote some solo ad-lib style parts to go on top of the 4 parts sung by the children
these extra parts are available here

below are the lyrics for 'O come Immanuel'

O come O Come Immanuel
O come O Come Immanuel

Come, O long expected Jesus
Born to set your people free;
From our fears and sins release us,
Let us find our rest in Thee.

Come Lord Jesus
Come Lord Jesus

Come Lord Jesus
Come Lord Jesus

Andrew Rayner
Wendy House Music 2008

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