One God (We believe)

This is another song which was a long time in the writing.
I had wanted to write a new version of the creed, saying what we believe, for several years.

Whist I was sawing the timber for some of the joists for our conservatory roof, I got in a rhythm with the saw, and starting singing the main lyric & melodic chorus hook. I remember running inside after another 10 minute sawing and recording this on my ‘song ideas’ minidisc in the studio before I forgot it ! As I had lots more sawing to do, I evolved the chorus significantly by the end of the day! As with many of our songs, the verses were harder to complete. In this song in particular I was keen to capture all of the key aspects of the creed within two verses. I recall once I had 75% of the verse lyric ideas in place I ran out of inspiration and sat down next to Wendy and said ‘please help me !’

Below are the lyrics to One God (We believe)

One God, Almighty Father, Maker of heaven and earth
One Lord, Jesus Christ, Through You all things were made
You came down from heaven, By the power of the Holy Spirit
God from God and Light from Light, You became Man

We believe You are the Son of God, You came to earth and died for us
Then You rose again, And now You reign in heaven
We declare that You will come again, To judge the living and the dead
O Lord, we will proclaim Your kingdom's rule, Forever You will reign

Holy Spirit of God, Lord and giver of life
Father, Son and Spirit, Worshipped together as one
We look up to heaven, Through the power of the Holy Spirit
Jesus, seated with the Father, Glorified

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© 2003 Wendy House Music

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