Perfect love

When writing material during very early 2005 for our big schools music project in the Autumn called ‘Heaven2earth’, I wanted to write a solo song that described the perfect love that God showed us in Jesus. The second verse is effectively a prayer of commitment. I wrote it to have a west end musical / big ballad feel. It is one of those songs that I had had a couple of big melodic ‘hooks’ on my demo/ideas disc for months, just waiting for the right home -  and this was it !

Below are the lyrics of 'Perfect love'

Perfect love come to our world
Bringing hope and joy, Sharing in our sorrow and pain
Jesus, Son of God made man
Sent to show us grace Wondrously and selflessly given

Love, flows from heavens throne, Perfectly made known
Streaming out for you and for me
Love, calls me by my name, Knowing all my shame
Restoring all he made me to be

Lord, My saviour yet my friend
I could not begin To understand this mercy so free
Come to my heart O King
Let your gift of love Be made known in all that I am

Andrew Rayner © 2005 Wendy House Music

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