Precious gift of life

The sanctity of all created life is probably one of my biggest concerns is the way the world is at the moment - from the horrific rate of loss of life through famine and illness in Africa and other areas of the world, through to directly human ‘initiated’ loss of life through war and abortion.

This song is a simple thank you to God for the precious gift of life, and a repentance for the many ways in which we as a world dishonour that gift.

It is a song that started with the end tag on a guitar ‘precious gift of life that you have given’ and then was grown from there. It has featured in a number of charity events we have done with and for Tearfund, Samaritans Purse and Toy box.

Below are the lyrics for 'Precious gift'

Thank you for your precious gift of life For loving every child before they’re born
Thank you for providing all we need to live as one Your bounty to a world that you created

Sorry for the way that we have failed To live life the way you had intended
Sorry that we do not treat each other equally Or share the love that you have freely given

Give us your heart of compassion For the lives which are so fragile and torn
With your grace may we hold dear The precious gift of life

Precious gift of life that you have given
Precious gift of life that you have given

A Rayner & R Loomes © 1999 Wendy House Music

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