Star of light

There was a bit of a parody fun in the approach we took to this Christmas rock song !

We wrote it for the 2002 Christmas Schools project called '4un2us a child is born' which we ran in East Suffolk

We used small sections of lyrics from a number of Christmas carols to tell aspects of the Christmas story.
The chorus has a very anthemic feel and simply is a response that says ‘we will follow’

below are the lyrics to 'Star of light'

Star of light, shining bright, over Bethlehem
Showed the way, to the place Where the baby lay
God so loved the world he made, He came to earth as man
Lived like us, so we can be, followers of him

We will follow, we will follow, We will follow You
We will follow, where you lead us, We will follow You, O Lord

While Shepherds watched their flocks by night They heard the angel song
Telling them to go and find The King who had been born
They left their sheep and went to see If this could be true
A miracle, the prince of peace, in a cattle stall

As with gladness men of old, saw the shining star
Left their homes and journeyed long Travellers from afar
So will we, Lord, Joyfully, give all that we are
Show us how to live our lives Following your star

A & W Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2001

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