Teach me your way

Whilst on holiday in France during summer 2006, I was working on a couple of worship songs and also looking through an old hymn book for 'treasure'. Josh (our eldest son - currently 15 years old) came in and said to the gentle, hymn like chords I way playing 'How about writing a rock song, Dad?' !!
So I got to work  - and was inspired by the wonderful words of the hymn by Benjamin Ramsey, a music teacher on the south coast of England, who wrote the hymn 'Teach me thy way' in 1919
I worked on the music, then called Josh in to evolve it some more, and finally, when back home, further refined the lyrics and wrote the bridge. We have already done it several times at church and it works well - and rocks !
On the current demo on this site, which we put together a few days ago, Josh is doing lead vocal !
(You don't need to do all 4 verses)

below are the lyrics to 'Teach me your way'

Teach me your way O Lord, Teach me your way
Show me Your path assured, Teach me your way
Help me to walk in your light More by faith and less by sight

Lead me, Lead me O Lord Lead me, Lead me O Lord

When doubts and fears arise, Teach me your way
When storms spread over the skies, Teach me your way
Shine through all the cloud and rain Through the sorrow, toil and pain

When I am glad at heart, Teach me your way
When earthly joys depart, Teach me your way
In my hours of loneliness In my failure or success

Long as my life shall last, Teach me your way
Till all my journey is passed, Teach me your way
With me ‘till the race is run With me ‘till the crown is won

Lead me in the path of peace Lead me in the path of truth
Lead me in the path of all that’s right

A, J & W Rayner / B M Ramsey
© 2006 Wendy House Music

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