Born a king (thankyou)

This solo song is one of my favourite of all the ones we have written. It says thank you to God for the best gift ever Ė his son Jesus.

The introduction and initial verse chord progression are based on one of my favourite Christmas carols - Ďlove came down at Christmasí and in a way the song is a response to the words of this carol. I wrote it leading up to a big music project we did in East Suffolk with primary schools in 2002 called Ď4un2us a child is borní. The girl singing on the track is Beth Kirkman, who we also filmed singing it for the project with her baby boy, Reuben.

The only thing I would have liked on the recording but passed on was getting Stevie Wonder to do the harmonica soloÖÖ!!! (settled on a half decent Roland JV2080 sample!)

Below are the lyrics for Born a king (Thank you)

Born a king, light of life, Hope for all the world
Precious gift from heavenís eternal throne
Star of joy, Saviour, Godís anointed one
Given from the fatherís heart so freely

Thank you for coming In love at Christmas time
For giving me a future That could never have been mine
O Lord you won a life for me, Forever I can know your peace
Thank you that you came In love at Christmas time

How can I ever know All youíve done for me
The highest love of all I donít deserve
Making a way For me to come back home
Eternally Iíll praise you o my king

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© 2001 Wendy House Music

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