The world that God has given us is Good

In 2008, we ran our biggest-yet schools Christmas music project in east Suffolk, called 'One Christmas'.
We had 1800 children singing on a CD and music DVD (check out
The project was in aid of the charity Tearfund, who had a key focus on climate change and looking after our planet

I wrote the song with a fun style chorus, very percussive (inspired by style of 'trashing the camp' from the Disney film of Tarzan)
but with verses that talk about our responsibilities in this world, looking after what God has given us
the song starts with the chorus, then 2 verses, chorus, final 2 verses, chorus

below are the lyrics for 'the world that God has given us is good'

The world that God has given us is good
We must care and give respect to all creation
Living on our earth the way we should
The world that God has given us is good

When God made the earth it all was perfect
Everything was beautiful and new
All creation living life together
Just as he intended us to do 

We have all been given a commission
To take good care of everything on earth
Live each day as one that counts for ever
Keep our planetís future life preserved 

Half our world enjoys a life of plenty
Everything we need to live and more
Half the world is struggling for survival
Needing hope and dignity restored

 Everyone around the world is special
Loved by God and we should love them too
Caring for our sisters and our brothers
We will share this earth our whole life through

 Andrew Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2008
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