They shall rise (Isaiah 53)

I have always loved this passage from Isaiah that talks about rising on eagles wings – a great uplifting picture. At the time of writing this, a good friend of ours, Sara Fenning had been diagnosed with cancer and I was crying out for God to heal her. The description in the passage about giving rest to the weary and increasing the power of the weak was particularly poignant. To our dismay, confusion and even anger, Sara was not healed, and passed away in November 1999.

Steve, Sara’s husband is singing on the demo, which we recorded earlier during that year.

Below are the lyrics for 'They shall rise'

The Lord is the everlasting God The creator of the ends of the earth
Those who put their trust in the Lord He will renew their strength

They will rise on eagles wings
They will run and not be weary They will walk and not be faint
They will rise

The Lord gives strength to the weary He increases the power of the weak
Though men may stumble and fall Those who trust in Him will be renewed

Every valley shall be raised Every mountain shall crumble
And the glory of the Lord will be revealed

Andrew Rayner © Wendy House Music 1998

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