United in their love

Wendy and I have some friends called Rob and Lesley who decided to have a marriage rededication/celebration at our church. They were looking for a song to have as a solo, and we said we would write them one !!

My favourite wedding hymn is ‘O perfect love’ and some of the inspiration for the harmonic progression of our song is influence by this hymn.

There are not many contemporary Christian wedding songs, let alone ones appropriate for wedding rededications/celebrations, and this one has been used for several weddings and re-dedication services since we wrote it. But first and foremost it will always be Rob and Lesley we think of when we hear it !

Below are the lyrics of 'United in their love'

United in their love for one another Celebrating this love today
We're witnessing a dedication Of two hearts, two lives, one home

Lord let your spirit guide In times of trouble, times of joy
Always near, the constant friend You're all they need
You will be there throughout the years

O Lord will you surround them with your blessing Let them stand firm in your love
Be sure of your promised protection And trust in your faithfulness

In times of laughter, times of tears Let them walk as one
Trusting in your perfect will Lord bless these lives

Andrew & Wendy Rayner © Wendy House Music 1997

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