Waiting for Christmas

This was the title track of the large scale Schools Christmas project in 2012
This started off with the main chorus riff with the descending bass line, and grew from there
There are 8 cross modulations in this song, but many people have commented that they are really unnoticeable as they seamlessly flow
The video for this was fun to shoot - in August, with 200 extras, a dance troop and a full Salvation Army band!
The anthemic nature of the chorus made this an instant hit with the youngsters


Christmas is coming, the day drawing nearer
Hear joyful music fill the air
The season of wonder, excitement and splendour
People get ready everywhere

Waiting for Christmas time
Singing of love divine
Joining the angel song
Waiting for Christmas
Watching the star shine bright
Lighting the darkest night
Showing us Godís own son
Waiting for Christmas time

Christmas is coming, a King will be born soon
Jesus the Saviour of the world
Heaven rejoices, as God comes among us
With us on earth, Immanuel

Waiting, anticipating
For the Lord of all will be with us tonight

Andrew Rayner, Josh Rayner & Wendy Rayner
© Wendy House Music 2011
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