We have a mega story

Our church put on a holiday club using material from Scripture Union called ‘good news’ and wanted a song to use with it. We wrote the song for this. When we got to the Christmas, one of the leaders of the children’s work at church asked us if we could write a Christmas verse as well to use the song in the Christmas production. The following year, we featured the song in the first main Schools project we did called ‘Let the bells ring out’.

This song is published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd

below are the lyrics to 'We have a mega story'

We have a mega story, A headline for the world
That Jesus loves and cares for us, For every boy and girl
So we'll broadcast all about it, With action, light and sound
We need to tell everyone, The best news has been found

GOOD NEWS ! Jesus loves you, We'll shout it loud and clear
GOOD NEWS ! Jesus loves you, It's the best news you can hear

Now love came down at Christmas, For God loves everyone
'Cause we all need forgiveness, He gave His only Son
So come on everybody, Let's worship Him and sing
We need to tell everyone That Jesus is the King

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© Kevin Mayhew Ltd

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