God is with us forever

This is a fun song with African-style (well at least westernised Lion-King African style!)
Written as a song for children across Suffolk to sing as part of the centenary celebrations of the Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich.
The Diocese has link with Kagera in Tanzania - hence the song being written in a mix of Swahili & English
The youtube video linked shows the actions (based on British Sign Language) that can be used with it

With thanks to Patson & Anna (two Tanzanian relatives!) & Stephen (in Bury St Edmunds!) for help with the Swahili


(Bass part):
A-mina, A-mina, A-mina, A-mina
A-mina, A-mina, A-mina, A-men

First part:
Mun-gu na si-si mi-le-le (God is with us forever)
Mun-gu na si-si mi-le-le
Mun-gu na si-si mi-le-le
God is with us A-men

Top part:
Im-man-u-eli, Im-man-u-eli, Im-man-u-eli, Immanuel

Counter part:
Bar-i-ki, Bar-i-ki, Bar-i-ki (blessing)
A-ma-ni, A-ma-ni, A-ma-ni (peace)

Bridge section:
Tutakufuata, Tutakufuata (We will follow)
Tutakufuata Yesu x2

Bridge counterpart (lead vocal):
Mi-le-le (forever)

Andrew Rayner
Wendy House Music 2014
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