Your grace is all I need

Spring Harvest 2004 was called ‘grace academy’ and in the late summer of 2003 they put out their usual song material request, referencing the conference theme of grace. I guess at that point quite a few people either dug out songs about grace or, like us, penned one. Maybe because of this, the song didn’t make it to the Spring Harvest song book (!) but has become a real favourite of some folk in our church.

It was an interesting writing technique  - writing to a specified theme. Sometimes I do that myself (see songs like, Holy Spirit we wait on you, One God, Have mercy etc) but not often to an external challenge.

I keep a minidisk with lots of melody and harmonic structure ideas on, which I dabble on whenever I have an inspirational moment ! (or my mobile phone voice recorded if I am not at home). The music for this was some ideas I already had, but the lyrics were crafted quite methodically over a couple of evenings – that is all apart from two lines that I just couldn’t get right until in the studio recording the actual demo a few days later.

Melodically it has a couple of challenges, not least the octave jump in the 3rd line of the chorus. It is also one of those songs that in spite of my aggressive relucatance to persist with a melody note higher than top C ends up at top D a lot, so this is the only song I have written that I sometimes put down a tone when we do. (….I put a lot of Redman, Hughes, etc down quite a bit to make them comfortable for the average female congregational member)

below are the lyrics to 'Your grace'

Your grace is all I need, In your grace I am complete
Adopted a child of the King, Safe in the Father's care
Your love is always near, In your love I am secure
Saved by an everlasting hope, My life is held in You

Your grace surrounds me, Your love has found me
Sovereign king of all, I can but bow before your throne of mercy
Your grace amazing, Your love unchanging
Wondrous Lord of all
I stand in awe, And thank you for your gift of grace

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
© 2003 Wendy House Music

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