Hiya, Andrew here, this is a rough and ready page for comments, background etc on our material etc
do mail me back (andrew@worshipsongs.org.uk) if you get a chance

September 2013
This is the longest time ever since posting an update on this page!
Most of 2011 and 2012 was taken up with the writing, recording and rolling our of 'Waiting for Christmas'
This is a Christmas music event which we recorded, filmed and performed with 3000 schools children from across Suffolk
As a result of the first run of events leading up to Christmas 2012, we raised over 50,000 for Tearfund
Other areas across the country are putting the event on with Tearfund from this year (2013) onwards
We wrote 10 new songs for the project, all of which are now available on this site
In addition, we have been writing more worship songs for church and for our gospel choir - will keep updating these!
many thanks to those who have let us know when they are using the songs - do keep in touch!

May 2010
Hiya - OK it is a long time since I updated the blog here on our Worship songs site
I am finally getting all of our new songs on-line after many months of writing and not getting round to uploading
I have added a separate section on Gospel songs as I have been writing several for the recently formed Ipswich Community Gospel Choir
Anyway - please listen through and enjoy and make use of the ones that appeal!
Please do get in touch and let us know when you are using the material - it is great to get feedback

June 2009
Hello again - now summer is here (though it is raining as I write this!)
I have added a few more songs recently. We have written a song for the international year of the child called 'Celebrate life'
I have also written a new setting of the Lord's prayer (which is currently in the children's section but isn't just a children's song)
and also an up-tempo trinity song, which we used last week at our Church on Trinity Sunday
Do please keep in touch  - it is always great to hear when and where you have used the songs!

February 2009
Hi there - it is an unbelievable 8 months since I last updated this page :(
The One Christmas project was successfully completed in December 2008 - we have raised over 36,000 for Tearfund
as well as getting 1800 children to participate directly in the project - see more at http://onechristmas.org.uk
I have now uploaded the new songs I wrote for the project onto this site - haven't quite finished the 'about the song' sections
for these new songs yet but will do so soon! (most of these new ones are in the children's section, thought they can be used in many settings)

June 2008
Hi - it is now summer here and we have been working hard on the One Christmas project
you can get a sneak preview of the new songs at http://onechristmas.org.uk/songs
we have finished a fair bit of the studio recording - a few brass and string overdubs plus various extra percussion and keys parts left to go
Watch this blog for more news later in the year
If anyone is interested in using some of the new songs this Christmas then let me know and we can make music and tracks available

Christmas has been and gone and we are well into 2008 - a belated happy new year !
We are now well into the recording process for the big schools Christmas Music Project 2008 'One Christmas'
We have written 7 songs for this over the last year and have now got 40 local primary schools signed up to take part
We are aiming to involve 2000 children in the project, and once again will be all in aid of Tearfund
Check out http://onechristmas.org.uk as it progresses through the year

September 2007
Well the summer has been and gone since my last posting - what summer we had, that is !
I have just uploaded a new modern hymn we have written called 'Rock of ages' that we finished a couple of weeks ago
and has gone down well on introduction at our home church.
We are also doing well on writing new Christmas material ready for next years Suffolk Schools project 'One Christmas'
Do check out in the performance songs section a new song 'I will live for justice' which is a new groove-filled version
of the prayer of St Francis of Assisi - this will be one of the songs featured in the project next year.
I have updated the audio demo of 'With every breath' in the worship songs section - have another listen.
The new CCLI CD is out with most of the Wendy House Music catalogue listed
Do stay in touch - let us know which songs work well in your church. Every blessing......Andrew

June 2007
Now the days are long and the sun has been shining  - more song inspiration !
We have decided to definitely do another schools Christmas project in 2008 - have written 5 songs for it so far !
Will upload demos of a couple of new songs in the next few days - one is the finished version of the Hymn we have written and the other is a song based on the prayer of St Francis of Assisi, but with a bit more of a grove than other versions I know !
Please let us know if you are making use of any of the songs at your church
In the UK I know there is an imminent new release of the CCLI Copy Return software, which includes pretty well the whole Wendy House Music catalogue, hopefully making your song usage returns even easier........

March 2007
Hiya - we are in the middle of completely re-decorating our lounge and dining room a the moment - making the studio one of the havens on the ground floor ! You will see that my worship notes section is gaining size - some thoughts on all aspects of worship team life!
I have nearly finished a couple of the new Christmas songs (!) and am now seriously considering a project for next year (Autumn 2008)
We have a local gig in Bury St Edmunds with Esther at the end of this month.
We are averaging around 3000 unique visitors to the site each month which is very exciting - do send us an email if you pick up and of the material and make use of it.......will talk again soon.......A

January 2007
We are now a week into the new year (happy new year if you are reading this sometime in Jan 2007!). The Christmas period was a great one for getting inspired for seasonal song writing - I have 4 ideas now underway (which will be great if we ever do another Suffolk Schools Christmas Music project......!!). We have just finished (2 days ago) writing a new hymn,  as a commissioning piece for when our Church becomes its own parish.
As soon as we are named 'Christ Church, Felixstowe'  I will post the lead and lyrics sheets together with audio demo (which I now need to record!).

It is great to see the site getting so many visits and downloads from folks. If you do get a chance please drop us an email - it is great to hear from you - thanks!

November 2006
Just finished Esther's album - her web site should be up soon with audio samplers, video and on-line ordering - see web link below

The song we co-wrote is now on the worshipsongs website under both worship songs and performance songs
Also uploaded is our new song called 'Teach me your way' - co-written with Josh, our eldest son (now 15), Wendy and Benjamin Ramsey (who wrote a hymn called 'Teach me thy Way' in 1919 which I have based much of the lyric on)
Great to see so many downloads from the site - do let us know how you get on using the material

September 2006
Just got back from 2 weeks away on business and have managed to complete all the song blogs for the songs in the 'worship songs' section. Hopefully this gives a little insight (and amusement) into how the songs came into being and any specific things that have driven them. I will aim to get the descriptions for the others done in the next couple of weeks.
I am currently working on 3 new songs - all started whilst on holiday in August. More on these when the final inspiration has come....!
Within the next month I should be finishing the work on a new album for talented local singer/songwriter Esther McCarthy, which includes a jointly penned song. More on her album at www.esthermccarthy.co.uk  - should be out at the end of November.

August 2006
Have just finished some demos for 'Heaven resounds', From the 'dawn of time' and 'Send us out'. Thanks to Lou for helping along with Josh and Wendy
Have almost finished a set on song descriptions for each of the upload later in the month

July 2006
In the last few weeks have finished writing 2 new songs - used both at our church a few times. In the process of recording some rough demos of these to upload in the next couple of weeks. One is a latin feel song call 'Heaven resounds' and is based on the various doxologies in Revelation. The other new one is a hymn-style ballad called 'From the dawn of time', focussing on God being there from the beginning of time to the end  - both of the universe and each of our lives.

February 2006
Several of the newer songs under the 'children's' section were used leading up to last Christmas (2005) as pat of a schools music project across east Suffolk called 'Heaven2Earth'. 'Heaven2Earth' is the title song, 'Come and worship' is a groovy number with solo verses, 'We can make a difference' is a song encouraging us to get involved in poverty issues, 'All around the world' is a 60s soul style song about people all over the world celebrating Christmas. 'Perfect love' is under the performance songs section and describes God's perfect gift of love - Jesus

January 2006
We have just signed the Wendy House Music publishing catalogue to Copycare international for administration. If you do use any of the songs in your churches, please make sure you pop them on the CCLI return at the end of the year - thanks!