Andrew and Wendy Rayner have been living in Felixstowe, Suffolk since 1988
They can be contacted at

As well as being involved in leading the worship team at Christ Church Felixstowe
they have been involved music and worship leading at many other local events and organisations
Their studio has recorded a lot of worship-based albums over the last 18 years
If you are interested in getting in touch, then please email - it would be great to hear from you


Wendy House Music

Wendy House Studios

Churches Together in Felixstowe

Samaritan's purse

Christ Church Felixstowe

Waiting for Christmas Schools Music Project 2012

OneChristmas Schools Music Project 2008

Heaven2earth - Schools Christmas Music Project 2005

"4un2us a child is born"  Schools Christmas music project 2002

"Countdown for the king" Schools Millennium music project 1999

"Let the bells ring out" Schools Christmas music project 1996

Most of Andrew & Wendy's songs are published by Wendy House Music
and administered by Copycare
Some of Andrew & Wendy's songs are published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd
Their web address is